A Prequel To The Repelled Series

Saying goodbye for now wasn’t supposed to be saying goodbye forever.

He moved to America and made a promise to write letters until he could find his way back. But promises are only as strong as the person who created them.

Party’s are where drunk teenagers do dumb things, and boy did I do a foolish something. Maybe if he didn’t say he was too busy to talk, I might not have done what I did.

But there’s no need to get hung up on what-ifs, it’s too late. Nick doesn’t need to fly back to Australia and whisk me off my feet.

I’ve done something that ensures there will be no fairytale ending.

When he finds out, his heart will be crushed.


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Book 1 The Repelled Series

They say rewinding time is impossible, but “do-overs” are like second chances with a clean slate…Not for me, there isn’t. All is not forgiven and forgotten.

I’m an Australian travel agent who ironically has never been on an airplane. From the moment I step onto American soil, Nick makes it his mission to repel me. He’s absolutely furious, and it’s been seventeen years since we last saw each other. 

This isn’t the kind of reception I imagined it to be.A visit to a funeral, a gift in a will and an envelope holding some dark family secrets, forces me to carry a burden that might break Nick’s heart.

I haven’t been with a man since my ex-husband who stabbed me repeatedly from my neck to my abdomen, leaving me scarred for life. I’m too body shy to undress with the lights on. I need a partner who can look past all of that and love me for who I am. Nick would be the perfect candidate, but we can’t always get what we want. Can we?

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